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Your Likeability Factor™: Building Personal Charisma

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to improve their acceptance by other people and gain their support through becoming a better and more likeable person.

Course Methodology

30% interactive sharing by trainer
40% experiential group & individual activities
30% group discussions & presentations

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Introduction to Likeability & Charisma
Survey to find out one's Likeability and Charisma quotient, and why it is important at work and in life
Module 2
Personalities to Avoid
The various types of behaviour which are disliked, and how to avoid behaving as such
Module 3
Starting with Correct Beliefs
Correcting limiting beliefs, false assumptions, prejudices and distortions of opinion in oneself
Module 4
Starting with Yourself
How to treat oneself better before one treats others better, and how to improve one's intrapersonal relationship with oneself before one builds better interpersonal relationships with others
Module 5
Simple Things, Huge Impact
How one's facial expressions, hand gestures, words, voice and even breathing style can build or burn bridges of likeability between one and others
Module 6
Hitting It Off
Strategies to enter a room and light it up with one's charisma, and techniques to engage in a conversation with someone and make him/her like one as a supplier, co-worker or associate
Module 7
Sprucing Up Your Surroundings
Increasing one's likeability factor and charismatic impact by changing one's surroundings, such as one's work area deco and the interior of one's car, to send out a positive message to one's boss, colleagues and customers
Module 8
Hands-on Final Exercises
Putting the strategies into practice, action plans and final instructions