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Write to the Point II™: Business Writing for Executives

Course Objective

In this 2-day intensive programme, participants will learn to employ professional business writing skills to produce high quality and effective business communications that will promote a professional image for the organization. This programme covers a range of business writing genres commonly encountered by executives. The aim is to produce all-rounded executives who are able to write and express themselves well.

Course Methodology

Sharing by the trainer takes up only 30% of total class time. The remaining class time will be utilized for individual and paired activities, coaching and peer evaluation. Participants will typically do written exercises after each key module is expounded.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Basics of Writing & English Review
Identifying the common problems encountered in writing, defining good writing, reviewing key elements of English grammar for writing, highlighting common errors in grammar & punctuation
Module 2
Business Language
Introduction to common terms, phrases & idioms used in a business environment (customized based on department)
Module 3
Writing Official Letters
Introduction to official business letter writing - basic format, common phrases & etiquette
Module 4
Writing Official Letters II
Special focus on 1 or 2 categories of letter writing based on objective (customized based on department)
Module 5
Writing E-mails & Memos

Key differences between business letters and business e-mails, basic format & useful tips for writing memos

Module 6
Writing Meeting Agenda & Minutes
Guidelines & tips for writing meeting agendas and minutes
Module 7
Report Writing
Key features of effective reports - basic format & content
Module 8
Report Writing II
Special focus on 1 or 2 categories of report writing based on objective (customized based on department)