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Turning Foes Into Friends™: Handling Difficult People with Psychology

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to create a happier working environment by understanding their colleagues, customers and contacts better through psychological approaches.

Course Methodology

30% interactive sharing by trainer
40% experiential group & individual activities
30% group discussions & presentations

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Introduction to Behavioural Science
What is behavioural science and how can it help one to overcome challenging relationships at work?
Module 2
Different Types of Difficult People I
Introduction to the 4 types of difficult people and how to identify them using simple behavioural tools
Module 3
Different Types of Difficult People II
What are the 2 types of difficult behaviour that we encounter at work and in life? How do we diagnose and accommodate them?
Module 4
Dealing with Stress
Key strategies to manage one's emotions in order to feel better, be more productive, and not be negatively affected by difficult people
Module 5
Using Body Language
How to use body language, gestures and facial expressions to connect and communicate with others, and to increase interpersonal harmony at a subconscious level
Module 6
Fighting Back I
Key phrases and useful questions to employ when facing difficult people in conversations, meetings and fiery engagements
Module 7
Fighting Back II
How to strategically position oneself in one's organization and beyond to be above difficult people and gain superior leverage
Module 8
Hands-on Final Exercises
Putting the strategies into practice, action plans and final instructions