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The English Express I™: Basic English for the Office

Course Objective

In this 2-day intensive programme, participants will acquire the motivation and skills to converse in English in their daily office interactions.

Course Methodology

This programme comprises a mix of motivation, actual content and hands-on practice. For actual content, it covers basic grammar, correct pronunciation, social interactions and work-related conversations. The participants make a pledge to speak English at the beginning of the programme which is repeated throughout the programme. The momentum is built up where content learned earlier (e.g. grammar) must be applied in later modules. There will be many rounds of role plays on the second day where participants create and act out their own specific scenarios. The trainer will be actively coaching the participants to correct their grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Overcoming the Fear of the English Language
Benefits of speaking English at work, obstacles faced and how to overcome them, the pledge & first speaking session (self-introductions)
Module 2
Basic Grammar I
Revision of subject-verb agreement and 4 basic tenses (present simple, present continuous, past simple & past continuous) with exercises
Module 3
How To Be Polite (in English)
Social interactions at the office - greetings, small talk, taking leave & 3 magic works
Module 4
Using Correct Pronunciation
Commonly mispronounced words related to business (general) & other mispronounced words by department / job scopes
Module 5
Basic Grammar II
Revision of 2 more basic tenses (present perfect & future simple) with exercises
Module 6
Office Conversations I
Cooperating in a project, expressing an opinion & making a suggestion - key phrases to use and role plays
Module 7
Office Conversations II
Asking a favour, expressing a grievance & reporting about work - key phrases to use and role plays
Module 8
Telephone Conversations
Key phrases to use and role plays