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Technically Write™: The Basics of Technical Report Writing

Course Objective

In this 2-day intensive programme, participants will acquire the skills to structure and write professional technical reports that are both logical and persuasive.

Course Methodology

Sharing by the trainer takes up only 30% of total class time. The remaining class time will be utilized for individual and paired activities, coaching and peer evaluation. Participants will typically do written exercises after each key module is expounded. Participants will begin working on one or two reports at the beginning of the programme and build on these reports as they go along.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Fundamentals of Report Writing
What is a report? Types of technical reports - research reports, investigative reports, design project reports, etc.
Module 2
Structuring the Report
Structuring and organizing any technical report writing task based on objective, what to say and in what order, and what to leave out
Module 3
Logical vs Persuasive
Striking an optimal balance between logic and persuasion using 3 basic writing styles - descriptive, analytical & reflective
Module 4
Formal vs Informal
Selecting the right level of formality, avoiding contractions, using passive voice in sentence construction
Module 5
Summarizing Data
Selecting the best method to summarize technical data using graphs, charts etc.
Module 6
Technical Vocabulary
Commonly used technical words and phrases and what they mean
Module 7
Non-Technical Audience
Important adjustments to be made if you expect the readers to be non-technically inclined
Module 8
Checking for grammar, spelling & punctuation, improving sentence construction for better clarity