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Success Up Front™: How to Excel as Master of Ceremony

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to acquire basic master of ceremony skills in order to become confident and stylish emcees.

Course Methodology

Sharing by the trainer takes up only 20% of total class time. The remaining class time will be utilized for exercises, individual practice and coaching.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Types of Ceremonies
What is an emcee? What are the different types of ceremonies? What are the opportunities to be a professional emcee?
Module 2
Gaining Confidence
How to overcome nervousness while one is up front? What kinds of preparation may help?
Module 3
Script & Protocol
Choosing the correct script format, selecting the best font size & spacing, using note cards vs full sheets of paper, steps to prevent mishaps relating to the script, the protocols suitable for formal and informal functions
Module 4
The Voice I
How to speak more clearly and fluently, how to breath correctly, what kinds of mouth exercises to do, what is the optimal speaking rate, how to read from the script while avoiding the impression of reading
Module 5
The Voice II
How to use different kinds of intonation for different functions, how a few simple tricks will enable one to dramatically improve one's overall English pronunciation, words commonly mispronounced by emcees
Module 6
Rostrum & Microphone
Types of rostrums and microphones, how to handle them and use them to one's advantage
Module 7
Body Language,
Dressing & Grooming
Incorporating hand gestures, stance, facial expressions & eye contact, dressing & grooming appropriately
Module 8
Additional Matters
What to do when there are 2 emcees (alternating), additional do's and don'ts and things to watch out for