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Success Styles™: Dressing & Grooming for Impact

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to achieve success with people by engaging them through effective physical appearance and non-verbal communication.

Course Methodology

30% interactive sharing by trainer
40% experiential group & individual activities
30% group discussions & presentations

Course Syllabus

Module 1
What are Success Styles?
Introduction to the power of first impressions and how grooming and silent communication impact our success at work
Module 2
Things to Avoid
The do's and don'ts of dressing and behaving in a corporate and social environment
Module 3
The Trends Today
The trends of corporate look in different industries and for different purposes, and how to look the part to ensure instant success
Module 4
Accessories Speak
The important accessories and props needed for a successful look in women and men, and how to use, hold and place these accessories for the optimal psychological effect
Module 5
Dressing Up, Going Up
How to emulate more successful people and be treated with more respect and consideration, using previously undisclosed psychological tactics used in grooming
Module 6
Non-verbal Communication Styles
Using voice quality, eye contact and body language to grab attention and convey one's intentions effectively
Module 7
Dressing Up Your Work Area
How to create an excellent impression with one's work area in order to impress one's boss, subordinates and important visitors
Module 8
Hands-on Final Exercises
Putting the strategies into practice, action plans and final instructions