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Rules of English™: A Quick Revision of English Grammar

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to refresh their memory on the key elements of English grammar so that they may avoid major errors in speech and writing.

Course Methodology

This programme is very intensive and will cover all 10 parts of speech. Each module will consist of a brief overview of one or more parts of speech before narrowing the focus to a specific area where mistakes are commonly made. Plenty of exercises will follow. This is to ensure the participants make real progress in actual English usage instead of merely gaining head knowledge.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Parts of Speech, Nouns
The 10 parts of speech. Overview on nouns.
Spotlight: Uncountable nouns
Module 2
Articles & Determiners
Overview on articles & determiners
Spotlight: When and when not to use the definite article "the"
Module 3
Overview on pronouns
Spotlight: Subjective, objective & possessive forms of pronouns
Module 4
Verbs I
Overview on verbs
Spotlight: Every sentence must have a verb, subject-verb agreement
Module 5
Verbs II
Spotlight: Using the right tense (4 key tenses will be covered - present, present continuous, past & past perfect)
Module 6
Overview on adjectives
Spotlight: Positive, comparative & superlative forms of adjectives
Module 7
Overview on adverbs
Spotlight: Converting adjectives to adverbs
Module 8
Prepositions, Conjunctions & Interjections
Overview on prepositions, conjunctions & interjections
Spotlight: Common mistakes when using prepositions