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Mass Influence Made Easier™: Employing NLP in Marketing & Advertising

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to increase their positive response rates by understanding their markets through the eyes of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Course Methodology

30% interactive sharing by trainer
40% experiential group & individual activities
30% group discussions & presentations

Course Syllabus

Module 1
What is NLP?
Introduction to the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the psychological approach used by key marketers and advertisers in interacting with their target markets
Module 2
Identifying Your Target Markets
What kind of people make up one's target markets and what are their needs, desires, wants and expectations? Which type of marketing communication approach is most suitable?
Module 3
What’s Stopping Your Success?
How do one's markets behave and why do some excellent marketing communication efforts fail?
Module 4
Marketing to the Whole Person
Using NLP's Predicates / Personalities to package one's marketing communication to reach the entire person, creating a rich interactive psychological experience for the customer
Module 5
Dealing with Dualities
Using NLP's double P tool to craft one's marketing communication to increase mass appeal and influence, creating an urgency for one's products and services
Module 6
The Art of Subconscious Influence
Dissecting how advertisements use subconscious influence to engage the audience's attention and influence the market's preferences
Module 7
Killing Your Competitors
Learning how one's marketing communication can create doubt, aversion and dislike for a competitor's products, using the "banned" techniques of NLP
Module 8
Hands-on Final Exercises
Putting the strategies into practice, action plans and final instructions