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Dare To Speak™: Public Speaking Skills for Professional Life

Course Objective

This 2-day intensive programme will help participants to overcome their fear of public speaking and to acquire basic public speaking and communication skills.

Course Methodology

Sharing by the trainer takes up only 20% of total class time. The remaining class time will be utilized for individual practice, coaching and peer evaluation. Participants will typically deliver a speech after each key module is expounded. Group activities may take up 10% of class time.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Introduction to Public Speaking,
The importance of public speaking skills, definition and elements of an effective speech, understanding audience's expectations, self-assessment based on key criteria, discussion of problems frequently encountered
Module 2
Overcoming Nervousness & Avoiding Speech Crutches
Techniques to reduce nervousness and speech crutches (sounds such as "ah", "um", "ok" and others)
Module 3
Elements of Dynamic Delivery I
Incorporating basic and advanced hand gestures (4 key ways to make meaningful hand gestures)
Module 4
Elements of Dynamic Delivery II
Incorporating stance, facial expressions & eye contact
Module 5
Elements of Dynamic Delivery III
Vocal projection & variation (volume & speed)
Module 6
Critical Content
How to structure a speech or presentation in a logical, coherent and concise manner to strengthen a case, the importance of introduction, body & conclusion
Module 7
Work-related Presentation
Participants will present a speech, briefing or proposal related to their work
Module 8
The Way Forward
Self-assessment again, comparison with earlier results, what to do next to become even better