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Black & White™: Writing Effective Minutes of Meeting

Course Objective

In this 2-day intensive programme, participants will acquire the skills to prepare and write minutes of meetings which are accurate and user-friendly.

Course Methodology

Sharing by the trainer takes up only 30% of total class time. The remaining class time will be utilized for individual and paired activities, coaching and peer evaluation. Participants will typically do written exercises after each key module is expounded.

Course Syllabus

Module 1
Preparing Yourself
Understanding the objective(s) of a meeting, reviewing the agenda, working with the Chairperson before and during a meeting, common mistakes and pitfalls
Module 2
Note Taking
Listening actively for main points and actions, clarifying and confirming points professionally and confidently, differentiating between relevant and less relevant details
Module 3
Using the Correct Format
Determining the best format based on the type of meeting (narrative or action minutes), accepted ways of labelling different sections of the minutes, using paragraphs effectively, using attachments appropriately
Module 4
Using Correct Tenses
Portraying discussions accurately by using correct tenses, employing reported speech correctly
Module 5
Using Precise Language
Using language effectively to make your minutes clear and accurate, being specific and focused when presenting your points, commonly used words and phrases
Module 6
Finalizing the Minutes
Asking for feedback, further editing, approval & dissemination
Module 7
Minutes Writing Simulation
Simulation of real meeting situations
Module 8
Minutes Writing Simulation II
More simulation of real meeting situations